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Matching network for SR4L034-L


I want to implement  SR4L034-L in my board , 45*95mm , what is the recommended matching network..

can i send to you dxf/stp file? and you will simulate the board ?

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Thanks for your question.
Matching component values and topology will be specific to your device, as standard we always recommend the values used for the EVB in the data sheet as a starting point.
We are always keen to engage with our customers as early as possible in their design process and would be happy to review your gerber, stack up and 3D files and advise you further.
Please contact to get in touch with your regional sales representative who can help you with this.
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I need tech support not sale support i already in contact with my distributor..

my board have 4 layers

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Hi Netanbi,

Our engineers can support you directly on your project, but our process means you must go through your regional Sales Representative so we can get you the best and fastest response.
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do we need to do short between pin 2-3 sc1-2 or that the short is inside the antenna?

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