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How to read antenna pattern on datasheets


For the SRFC025 antenna, on page 4 of the datasheet there are three pattern plots for 824-960 MHz.  The legends show X.., X.. and  Y..,  I think these should read XY, XZ and YZ. as found on the next page for 1710-2170 MHz.

My question:  At the zero degree orientation for XY plot, how exactly is the antenna oriented?  Antenna is length-wise, X-axis at 90°, Y-axis at 0° with coax at 270°  ?   Or is it some 90° rotation from this direction - up/down/mirror flip?    Same question for the XZ and YZ plots.

Would help to know this to optimally place antenna in our enclosure to point the peak pattern towards our targets and the nulls towards the interior of the enclosure.

Also, for the XZ plot, there is a null at 30 degrees, what is the antenna orientation for this?

I could attach drawings of my understanding, if that would help.  Then you could review and comment.

Regards,  Mike

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