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How will the SR4G053 perform on a narrow PCB
The evaluation board for the SR4G053 is 36mm x 85mm.  What would be the affect on antenna performance if placed on an 18mm x 85mm+ ground plane?

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Hi, the performance would still be very good and similar to the EVB performance. Once designed into your device the antenna will require tuning using the matching circuit to fully optimise the antenna.
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I assume that the bandwidth of an antenna is influenced by the dimensions of the PCB. If the PCB is narrower (in this case from 36 mm to 18 mm), the bandwidth of the antenna will become smaller. This means that the selected antenna can no longer receive the two GNSS bands. You have to decide for one or the other band. If you do a test setup on an empty board in the original case then I will measure the return loss. harald.naumann(at)
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Hi Harold,

Actually the bandwidth of Raptor is not influenced by the PCB width and will not impact the use of both bands.

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Hi,  The performance on the stated PCB you mention will be very similar to the EVK. The antenna is not affected by the PCB width being reduced.


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