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M20048-1 No GPS coordinate

I have made a PCB using M20048 as standalone. I tried to use Arduino to get GPS coordinate. Connect TX and RX M20048 to RX and TX of Arduino. I am using TinyGps++ library. I tried also to connect  M20048 TX,RX to USB to TTL and there is no response from the module. I am not using any antenna because i want to use the integrated antenna which comes with the module. I checked the power and it's 3.3V, I also checked Tx,Rx Power of M20048 and it have voltage, the last thing I did is to check if there is any short circuit but there is no. Hope to get some help

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Hello Anas,

What is the blue layer? If it is copper, it is shorting the antenna having a strip ran along the antenna end of the module.

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Geoff S.
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Hi, the Blue layer is the bottom layer. I placed the GPS on the top layer (Red) and i made isolation  Under the antenna, so there is only substrate under the GPS antenna. I am not even able to receive any data from UART

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