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Ceramic or Dipole: If the majority of the PCB ground plain is closely sandwiched between metalised objects
If the majority of the PCB ground plain is closely sandwiched between metalised objects (battery and solar panel) is a ceramic chip antenna still a viable solution for LTE, or would an external dipole be preferable?

The Ceramic chip antenna could sit proud of the sandwich... but how much clearance would it require?

size of metalised objects : 80 by 125 (battery), 90 by 160 (solar), current pcb size approx 90 by160.

We are ideally looking for the best efficiency possible, and would like to avoid visable external antennas if possible.

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Hello Carl,

You can't beat an external antenna's radiated performance. That being said, you may be able to come close to it.  The problem with the antenna being placed between a solar panel and the battery is that there will be a lot of shadowing by both of the panel and battery. Shadowing is like an object that blocks the light from the sun but in antennas it is more like blocking the RF signal to and from the antenna. In most cases I would suggest a minimum of 20mm of distance from any and all metallic or absorptive material be cleared all of the way around the antenna.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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