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What kind of antenna I could use to make my loraWan module communicate over a range of 30 kms?

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For the gateway I recommend a maximum gain of 2.15 dB. With more than 2.15 dB gain the beam angle decreases. If the beam angle is too narrow, you can no longer receive the nearby nodes. See picture below.

My old boss always said "The best antenna is a high location".  He is right. Below the example of an supposed record over 43 km with a small chip antenna. The chip antenna has a maximum of 2.15 dBi gain. The antenna of the gateway was an omnidirectional. I looked for the locations in the map of the record. LoRaWAN with SF12 can receive up to 20 dB under noise. -100 dB noise is normal in a city. At -120 dBm is the limit. The two locations are on mountain or hill outside of civilization and unpleasant noise.

The picture below shows a simulation of a LoRaWAN gateway at Gleiberg Castle. 30 km are impossible due to the mountain ranges.


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Hello Goldwin,

You will need a high gain very directional antenna to meet your distance needs. A simple antenna would be a Yagi or Vivaldi.
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What kind of antenna I could use if range is my primary concern?
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