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M20057 PCB Footprint


could you please confirm that M20057 has the "RFO/VCC" at same same pin (5) / location (lower right edge) compared to M20046.

For me I does not make any sence and I would expect the "RFO/VCC"at the opposite edge (2/lower left)!

Even that "M20057-1-PS-1.0.pdf" shows it different, please re-check! (... and what would be the purpose of the M20057 if the feed line wouldn't be different...). On all other ANTENOVA LEFT/RIGHT variants (we are using) this is the difference.

Thanks a lot end best regards, Stephan

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Hi Stephen,

The M20047 and M20057 have identical footprints and pin outs. The difference in the modules is the SAW/LNA configuration. The M20047 has the LNA first after the antenna for best gain performance, while the M20057 has the SAW first in line after the antenna which is best suited for devices with cellular functionality.

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Hi Chris,

thanks for the valueable info (which should be reflected in the product docu ;).

Kind regards, Stephan

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