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Circuit available for M20071-EVB-1 ??

Is there a circuit diagram and component placement available for the M20071-EVB-1 ?

Need to confirm circuitry and want to copy antenna placement and matching to minimize work.



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Hi, there's a schematic given in the datasheet, in simple terms, the EVB has a 1.8V regulator, and serial-to-USB converter, and a regulator for the external antenna connector.  Also did you know there is a module available that includes the antenna, the M20072, that might be easier for you to use.
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Thanks - I do know about the EVB and I am after the circuit for that. There is a regulator and a USB to serial which would help to have the part numbers.
The receiver has a LNA and SAW filter so not sure why a regulator is needed for the external antenna connector unless it also runs an active antenna, but hopefully a circuit could clarify all this.


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Hello, I meant to say have a look in the M20071 Eval kit user guide.  It gives the schematics and layout.  Yes, as you say, there is a regulator to power an active antenna. 


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