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Material Declaration and "RoHS & Reach" for SR4L073

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<![endif]-->Dear Sir or Madam,
we want to use the follow antenna in our products.

1) Please can you provide us the additonal RoHS- & Reach-Documents. Can you tell us about this article whether these are generally "Reach affected" or "unaffected"? Concerning RoHS are the associated "Exemptions" and "CAS numbers" are also important, if they are available. Also the percentages of associated materials of the "Exemptions" incl. weight in [g] or [mg], so that we can make an evaluation for our application.

2) At moment we got a request from a customer which wanted a material declaration regarding our products. So we need that also for that component. It is sometimes called "MDS – Material Datasheet", "Material declaration" or "MCD - Material Composition Declaration". It contains every single integrated material with his weight and percentage and the total weight.

3) Is Antenova active on the CDX-System (Compliance Data Exchange Platform)? It is an alternative to the IMDS. At moment we have a free test-account. We want to reasearch if we can offer our customers there also. If yes please can you provide us there also the declaration?

Follow requested article:

If I should be at the wrong address with you, then I ask you to forward it to the respective responsibilities.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your help.

Best regards
Wolfgang Walter

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1. Yes, we can provide the RoHS and Reach documents. The REACH documents will include the CAS numbers

2. Yes, we can provide the MCD

3. We are not active on the CDX System, however, we have successfully submitted our MDS through IMDS to many customers successfully.

We will contact you directly, soon, once we have collated all the documentation.

Many Thanks


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Dear Steve,

have you tried to contact me ? Unfortunately I got nothing until now.
I need the 1) and 2).


Wolfgang Walter
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I am sending you this by email.

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