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Is a 4 layer PCB likely to achieve a good enough ground plane for a SR4L049-L?
PCB size is 36/38x125mmx1mm FR4 and the majority of components are on same side as SR4L049-L,

Other side only has uSDcard holder and 7 1206 sized components on it.

Inner layers are being used to do most of the routing across the PCB.

All layers will be filled with ground and vias used to stitch the ground together between the layers as best as possible but in some areas on main component side there will be minimal space for ground fill.

Should I consider using a 6 layer PCB to add additional near full ground layers?

Do you recommend any particular PCB stack up?

Thanks Andy

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Hi Andy,

A 4 Layer PCB will work fine, it is the length and width of the ground plane that will affect the antenna performance.

Make sure there is copper flooded in any unused areas of each layer.

Best regards,

Yu Kai Yeung

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