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50 Ohm Termination Block for U.FL Connector

We're looking at adding an antenna/component to our SoM RF connection that acts as a 50 ohm termination block.  The goal is to block WIFI/BT connectivity for any circumstance, and leaving the connector open could have a coupling factor that is unacceptable to the client.  Most 50 ohm termination blocks are SMA or larger.  Our form factor requires a U.FL/MHF-1 connection.   Would it be possible to create a termination block that connects directly onto the receptacle, or would a short cable to a FPCB w/ a load resistor be sufficient?

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-Brian Wu

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Hi Brian,

A 50ohm termination is not something we could do, and I'm not aware of anything on the market. Typically, for this kind of requirement, you would implement a switched socket (see example in link below), with a 50ohm termination circuit connected when there is no plug attached

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