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Save settings M20050-1

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I would like to know if there is any way to save the configuration of the M20050-1 modules so as not to carry out the reprogramming by command line every time it is turned on. 


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Hello Nemorap,

We recommend that you use stand by mode to keep from having to reprogram the modules every time you it is turned on. Setion 9.6.tells you how to set it up:

Standby mode is a power saving mode that shuts down the RF section of the

module and puts the processor into a standby mode. The RTC is kept alive,

and the RAM power is maintained to keep the module configuration.

The standby state can be initiated either with a hardware signal to Pin26 or by

using a command.

Hardware controlled Standby: Enable standby mode by a low state to Pin26

(HW_S). To wake the module back to full power a high state needs to be

applied to Pin26. If Pin26 is not to be used, then it must be kept floating (not


Standby mode command: Software on the host needs to send the “PMTK161"

command through the UART interface.

To enter backup mode the VCC simply needs to be removed. Once initiated

the RTC and all configuration is saved along with any ephemeris data to allow

quick TTFF once the VCC is re-applied. BV needs to be applied at all times for

backup mode to run correctly. You may also need to set up back up mode as well.

If you need more help please contact our tech support email at

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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