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A5839H antenna

Hello, regarding the A5839H I've a Problem :-(, pls see the Picture:

When I connect the Antenna as stated in the Datasheet I observed that the Antenna seems to be useless, when I remove the 15nH Coil field strength does NOT change meaning the Antenna does nothing. When I remove the GND Connection (Pin 3) the field strength increases by at least 10dBm ( not bad ;-). When I look at the Antenna Bottom is saw a short wire running from the Feed Point (Pin 2) directly to GND ( Pin 3 ). Even at 2.4Ghz it looks like a Bypass ?

Do You have Any suggestions ? What do I wrong here ?

THX for any help, Enrico

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Hi Enrico,

Whilst internally pin 2 to pin 3 is DC short circuit, there should not be a wire across these pads, it sounds likely someone else has modified it once received. We are, however, keen to help you investigate this to discover the root cause. Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative, so we can help you with a detailed response.

Many thanks

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Hi Steve,

well, no one has modified the Antenna, I got them from Mouser ;-) .

I've contacted support as advised, THX, Enrico

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