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Placement options for the SR4G031 (Robusta)

Is it possible to mount the antenna on the inside of the device casing ? If so, what is the minimum distance from it and other components, specially displays which have switching circuits within them.
Also, is it possible to get a shorter cable length by snipping away the excess and soldering it directly to the board instead of using an IPEX connector ?

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Hi Skybot.

Yes, it's fine to mount Robusta on the casing. Section 11.2 of the data sheet shows where clearances are required, the data sheet is available for download on our website. Changing cable length will affect performance, however it is possible for us to supply custom cable lengths (subject to MOQs and performance verification at the required length). Please contact to get in touch with your regional representative who can help you with this, based on your specific needs.

Many Thanks


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