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Which GPS antenna for small PCB 35x26mm, device also has LTE and Bluetooth?
We are designing a pet tracker that uses Bluetooth, LTE and GPS. We are using the nRF9160 for GPS and LTE, and the nRF52 for Bluetooth.
Bluetooth and LTE work fine on our prototypes but GPS performance is terrible. We're aware of how small ground planes make for bad RF, but we can't increase the PCB size.


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Hi Dan,

Sinica SR4G008 or Active Sinica M20047/M20057 are a good fit for your PCB dimensions and would most likely improve the performance. Depending on your design/mechanics, Bentoni SRFG017 FPC may also be suitable. Given the crowded PCB and therefore complexity of the design you have, I'd recommend you contact, then we can put you in touch with your regional representative who can help review your design and options and ensure you get fully detailed support for your project.

Many Thanks

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Thanks Steve, have reached out.

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