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Gnss antenna for gps tracker
Which one is the best for small wearable device with gsm, intended to use on pets? It will be used in forest as well as in the city.

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Hi Oxid,

There are many factors that will dictate this, such as device size, PCB size, clearance, other hardware and parts inside the device. Can you give me an idea of PCB size, assuming you require an FR4 part rather than FPC?

Many Thanks

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Board size is 35x50. FPC is also possible, but fr4 are preferrable. I'm not sure in FPC's efficiency (Not tested yet).
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There will be only gsm module combined with gsm receiver and battery charger, and lipo battery as well in the device
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Hi Oxid,

Based on PCB dimension only I would say Sinica is probably the best fit. Layout and placement is critical in small devices so please read the data sheet in full and ensure you follow the placement guidelines including clearance areas. The antenna should be able to see as much sky as possible and where the clearance area is defined it's important to keep reflective/conductive parts away also - see example below:

Many Thanks


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