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Suitable antennas for BLE and 4G/2G MODEM

I'm in the process of selecting antennas for use with a new design that makes use of the Nordic nRF5340 BLE module and a Telit ME910G1-WW MODEM. The MODEM Is a dual mode LTE-M/NB-IoT 4G device with 2G fallback. Both of the antennas are to be situated on a daughter-board in a dome that sticks out of a metal housing. In previous (2G only) versions of the product we made use of the Calvus which performed brilliantly. We're now looking to update the design and pick an appropriate replacement. Any help/advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Richard,

Our Lucida and Inversa antenna would work well as their evaluation boards are very similar in size to the Calvus.  If you would like to share your design files with our engineers to get a better idea of how well these two antenna would work in your device please feel free to contact

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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