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SR4C033-L Groundplane


we are currently working on a PCB with a SR4C033 for a customer. The datasheet recommends a ground plane of 100mm. Unfortunately the dimensions of the enclosure is already fix (the PCB is a redesign from GMS to NB-IoT). Is the ground Plane we have sufficient? How great is the power loss we can expect? (compare to a 100mm ground plane). See the dimensions in the picture. 

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Hi Willi,

SR4C033 is a corner mount antenna. Given your current layout I would recommend switching to SR4C033-R, moving to the corner and it should be free of ground along the top edge as shown in Section 12 of the data sheet.

In terms of performance, it would depend which bands (frequencies) you require; the lower the frequency the bigger the effect of a short ground plane. Please contact and your regional representative will be in touch to give you a fully detailed response.

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