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SR4L034-R mecanical issue
Dear Mrs, Mr

I'm working for McLloyd compagny which is specialized in sports tracking.

We are a electronic manufacturer and we build our own product.

In our application, we track horse racing. We are using, SR4L034-R antenna in these products. The antenna is soldering directly on the main board. The PCB is place in our own plastic case.
we use 100 trackers per day and unfortunately we note that 5% of our trackers have an antenna ripped off.

There is nothing on the antenna to
We have made a lot of test, put some epoxy glue bellow the antenna, one each side but, plus there is nothing touch the antenna but we still have antenna ripped off.

Could you please tell me if there is an mechanical manual to follow to prevent this issue?

Looking forward your feedback,


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Hi B. Thomas,

We have had customers in the past whose devices are used in very high impact environments. Whilst there is no prescribed method for protecting the antenna, often the device is fully potted with a suitable RF compatible compound. There may also be alternative solutions, depending on your device and performance requirements. I've passed your details on to your regional representative who can guide you with a fully tailored response for your project.

Many Thanks


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