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Problem with metallic enclosure

I am having problems with an antenna (Lucida model) since It is installed inside a metallic enclosure, I have been reading the article (4 ways to increase wireless antena performance in metal devices) and i want to try 2 things:

-Open a window in the enclosure, but my question is, How big this should be and which shape should have? Is there theory about this?

-Another option is to place 2 antenas at the same time: one internal that will be placed in the same PCB (probably Lucida model) and another external that will be fixed to the same PCB by an SMA connector. I will do this bc I will just use the external antena in case the signal of the internal is not enough good. Will i have any problem of compatibility?

Thanks so much

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Hi Ruben,

There are many factors which will dictate the size/shape of the hole required such as certification requirements, operating bands, proximity of the antenna to the enclosure, radiation pattern required etc. In terms of having an additional external antenna; it depends how it is implemented - e.g with active switching, passive switching, select on assembly etc. I've passed your details on to your regional representative who will be in touch soon so we can give you a full response tailored to your specific requirements.

Many Thanks


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