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M20047-1 support components
I have designed your M20047-1 into a new product. For initial production I would like your comments on the choice of support components.
Referring to the schematic in Page 1 of

I use:
D1 = Semtech RCLAMP3331ZATFT
L1 = 47nH Delta 0402HM-470EKTS
C1 = 56pF Vishay VJ0402D560JXAAJ, due to re-use in other parts of the board

The other side of L1 is decoupled with 2x 56pF Vishay VJ0402D560JXAAJ

Which initial values should I use for R1 and L2?
I have access to a vector network analyzer. The antenna track can be intercepted for analysis of the antenna only, without the radio chip in the loop. Do you have a procedure for tuning of the active GPS antenna on the circuit board?

Best regards,
Børge Strand-Bergesen

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Hi Børge,

D1, L1 and C1 are fine. 

Initially you should start with 0ohm for both R1 and L2 when tuning. 

We can assist you with the matching as we offer a tuning service in our lab as well as design review. I've passed your details on to your regional representative who will be in touch soon so we can give you a full response tailored to your specific requirements.

Many Thanks


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