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Which reference of FPC antenna could replace the antenna A10340 for GSM 2G/3G applications and small size?
We are currently using the A10340 antenna for GSM 2G and 3G applications due to its small size. What is your replacement recommendation for using FPC antennas (Flexible Printed Circuit)? for the same type of small-size and GSM 2G/3G applications

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Hello Protekto,

The FPC equivalent to the A10340 antenna is the SRFC011 or SRFC025. The SRFC011 is more compact at 30mm x 28.5mm. The SRFC025 is 71mm x 12.5mm. The SRFC025 has slightly better radiated performance since it is a longer antenna. Both come with a standard 100mm cable with an Ipex MHF4 board connector.
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Geoff S.

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