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A10194H ground clearance

I'm considering using the Mixtus A10194H, and would like to place in the top right corner of my PCB. The PCB will sit in an aluminum block, but the product enclosure is plastic. The antenna placement guidelines specify >5mm ground clearance to the left and >18mm to the right. Is it OK if the right side has infinite clearance? What if the aluminum block is closer than 18mm?

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Yes, it is ok to end the PCB where you indicated in your drawing.
The closer the aluminum block comes to the antenna the antenna performance will be reduced.  Essentially, the block of aluminum acts as both an absorber of energy reducing the amount of energy that would normally radiate away from the antenna and it will also act as a reflector reflecting the energy away from the direction the aluminum block is located causing a null or shadow of energy in that direction.  This could also cause the peak gain to increase potentially in the opposite direction of the block of aluminum leading to failures in regulatory testing. The last thing the aluminum block would do is detune the antenna and cause it to no longer resonate at the frequency it was designed to operate on.

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Thank you very much for your quick and detailed answer!

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