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GNSS antenna inside semi-metallic box
Dear all,

we are evaluating the integration of a GNSS antenna like Sinica SR4G008 inside our vehicle tracker.

PCB dimensions would be like 80x80mm and the antenna will be placed in the middle of one PCB edge.
Under the PCB, at 5 mm distance, there will be the metallic part of the enclosure which has more or less the same dimensions of the PCB. It will be present also in the area under the antenna. Can this affect antenna performance?

As ancillary question, is this antenna proved working with GNSS receivers integrated into LTE modules without additional LNA?

Thank you

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Hi doomer87,

The PCB dimensions are fine. We usually recommend at least 10mm clearance from metal parts. At 5mm there will be a detuning effect due to the reflections caused, however it may be possible to tune these out depending on specifics of your enclosure.

Sinica is a passive component and as such is suitable for integrated modules, we also have active Sinica antennas which have LNA and SAW filter.

Many Thanks


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