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Encapsulation material on cellular antenna

Dear technical team, 

I'd like to see if you can assist us on an issue we are dealing with regarding the antenna and a resin compound we need to pour on our units to withstand the standard IEC60079-18 (working under explosive atmospheres) and if Antenova has the experience with which compound we can use to have the minimal effect on the antenna transmission.

We are using the SR4L034-R.

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Hi Dany,

We have had some experience with this and all standard resins have varying effects on the antenna - especially sub-GHz. We would need a little more information on your device, application, bands required etc. to narrow down suitable compounds for you. I have passed your details on to your regional representative who will be in touch soon to give you some detailed guidance.

Many Thanks

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Hi Steve,

Got the feedback from Yaron and Rob.


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