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Simulation models

I'd like to do a HF simulation before trying to match the impedance using real components.
Which model types do you provide? How can I request them.
I did not find simulation models on the website.

Especially, I need models for Latona SR4C033-R and Sinica SR4G008.
Best would be hffs-models.

Many thanks,


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Hi Falk,

Thank you for your question. HFSS models are available on request, please provide your country/region so I can put you in touch with your regional representative or alternatively contact

Many Thanks

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Hello Steve,

thanks for response.

I'm from Munich in Germany.
My local support is maybe TekModul GmbH.
I think they promoted Antenova to us.
But for models, I thougth, that is managed directly.
But I'm also fine with the representative You will propose.

Best regards,

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Hi Falk,

I've passed your details on to your regional representative, they will be in touch within 24 hours to support your request.



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