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Internal Antenna Requirement for Z-wave to achive best Range
Hello Antenova Team,

I am working on a Z-wave based design and looking for the internal Antenna like chip or Helical antenna based solution within 45x50mm form factor.

So, can you suggest the best suitable internal antenna for the z-wave (800 to 928MHz range) which can support all country regions?

- 868.40, 868.42, 869.85 for EU
- 908.40, 908.42, 916for USA, Canada

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Also, Kindly share the placement and Layout guideline details for the Antenna.

Thank you,


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Hi Nilav,

We have FR4 SMD, and FPC solutions for these bands, such as Grandis, Latona, Velox, Montana. Please provide your country/region, or alternatively contact so we can put you in touch with a representative from your region and give you a detailed response based on the specifics of your design.

Many Thanks

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Hi Yukai,
I am Planning to add both FPC (IPEX connector) and SMD antenna in my design for best range achieve for Z-wave.
But, currently I am looking for the SMD antenna for Z-wave USA region 915-916MHz frequency. So can you suggest the best SMD antenna and the layout guideline.
Currently we are in Design stage and looking for the lowest to medium size solution due to small size requirements.
Thanks and regards,
Nilav Choksi
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Hi Nilav -

We forwarded the question to YuKai. According to YuKai, it seems YuKai and you have communicated with to each other by e-mail for the same question.

To make this much linear, I would encourage you to continue the e-mail conversation with YuKai to get a quicker response. Let me know your thoughts if you would like to.


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