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RADIONOVA M20047 - Not able to get a GPS Fix


I am using a RADIONOVA M20047 Active antenna module driving with the Ublox module EVA-8M. 

Current Issue : Not able to make the antenna on this GPS flex work. Flex Construction - 2 layer flex with antenna cutout under the antenna. 

If I jumper in the Antennova EVB antenna to my flex bypassing the Power and on board antenna alone then the GPS is able to see the fix. 

Questions : 

1. Currently I am using 0ohm and 6.2nH on AT1 and AT2 pins. Do I have to change that? What's the value I would have to use for a 2 layer flex. 

2. Is my schematic or layout having any issue?


Schematic & Layout Files attached -  Followed the active antenna reference schematic.

I would like to get some Suggestions on debug and matching components to try out?


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Hi Vijay,

Thanks for your questions. There is ground above the antenna which shouldn't be there, also there could be issues with the feed. The matching component values will be unique to your device, which we can help you with by testing here in our lab. I've passed your details on to your regional representative who will be in touch soon to give you full support.



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