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M20048-1 Placement

I am looking to design in the M20048-1 for my system, the evaluation board has been working well.  The board it is going on is a 6 layer with a solid ground on layer 2. My first question is on availability and product lifespan.  Is the M20048-1 expected to be available for the foreseeable future with a decent roadmap? This appears to be the newest and recommended option but I'd like to confirm.  I have no problem fitting the module on the PCB with >40mm of edge length and a solid ground underneath it on layer 2, I want to know how critical it is that on layer 1 I keep all components clear in that 40mm edge, and how far back I need to, what the overall keepout area should be, it looks like running it back into the board is not that critical, but I was using the M20057-1 and was never able to get satellite visibility, even with this type of arrangement.  I know I need to keep high frequency and switching components away from the module, but I have some analog and DC circuitry that runs ~0.5" away or so.  And some on the bottom of the board, there's a solid ground on layer 5 as well.

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Hi ABierman,

Thanks for your questions. Please contact and we can put you in touch with your local representative who can answer all your questions.


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Ok I wll do that, I thought this was the support forum for technical questions though?
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Hi ABierman,

Yes, this is the place to ask, but we'd like to give you a detailed and comprehensive response which will require drawings/diagrams, so you can proceed with your project as fast as possible.



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