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GNSS RAPTOR Antenna placement & ground size

This is Rémi Chaudet from InVirtus Technologies.

We are developping a new device integrating dual band GNSS module, using the Raptor Antenna.

We had a first prototype version, following antenna reference board placement, with a ground plane of 75x40mm

(overall pcb size 85x40), which offers very good performances regarding signal reception.

Now we need to reduce pcb length. What minimal ground length would you suggest without impacting too much performances of the antenna? We currently have two design options: one with 58mm ground plane length and another one with 61mm ground plane length (width will remain 40mm). Would the matching network need to be adapted?

Best regards

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Hi Rchaudet,

I would recommend not going below the 61mm ground plane size as it will affect the lower band efficiency more quickly than the upper bands.
Best regards,

Geoff S.

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