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Antenova Part No A5839 is now NRND, is there a drop-in replacement?

I see today that Mouser Electronics lists the lifecycle status of Antenova part no. A5839 as NRND (Not recommended for new designs). Do you have a drop-in replacement antenna for this part? Also, will we have to re-test for FCC Part 68 and Bluetooth approvals with a different antenna?

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John Pierson

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Hello Jpierson,

Yes, our A5839 part is EOL (end of life). The direct drop in replacement part is A5839H. This part is exactly the same in every way but is made with halogen free FR4 for environmental improvements. It has the same gain and efficiency numbers so if your grant does not specify the antenna part number you should be ok with a rolling change. At most you would need to do a quick OTA measurement to verify then do a class 2 permissive change to your grants.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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