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Antenna selection

I would like to check which is the best antenna to use in a small device (less than 4cm of diameter) to use in the field of NB-IoT bands,
- SR4C033

- SR42I010

what are your comments about the ground planes and what are the strategies to get good performance with these antennas?

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Hi MRszentia,

Neither of these two antennas were designed to work well on a circular ground plane.  If I had to choose from one of the two antennas I would choose the SR4C033 because it has a larger antenna trace area which should give it a better change to operate on a 40mm dia. ground. However, the range will be significantly reduces due to such a small ground plane.  Do you have at least 20mm above your ground plane inside your housing?  If so you may consider the Montana FPC antenna to stick to the inside of your housing.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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Thanks for your answer!

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