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gnss and gps antenna advice

Hi All, 

we have new project that will be used on the cow. It means cow GPS tracker. As you can see below 3d pcb we have no more space on it. 

We will connect NBIOT network and it will be 2G fallback. The second requirement will be GNSS active antenna. 

We can use the GPS antenna on the pcb like below, and gsm antenna can be mount in the enclosure like flexy. 

Please advice both of them .

Best regards. 

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Hello Memox,

Your PCB looks like our Beltii antenna would work well in the current place where you white ceramic antenna is placed but slid over the the left a little bit where the U.FL connector is. The U.FL could swap places with the GPS antenna.  Your requirement for an active solution would be our M20057 but it needs to be placed in the center of the long edge of your PCB and would need the ground cleared in a 7mm by 5mm square directly under the antenna. The long edge would need to be a minimum of 40mm from corner to corner to work properly.

Using a flex GSM antenna would work so long as it is not placed above the GPS antenna and is at least 10mm away from the PCB and other metal objects.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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