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Antenna Tuning SRCW004
Hi team
I need Following  help from your side for our wearable design.
1. We have built 2 ver of wearable with 2 antenna of SRCW004 for each board
2. We seen very bad RF range without RF matching.
3. now we want to tune the antenna,. we are new to antenna matching. Please help us to how to tune this antenna . please provide us set of procedure , so that we will try some thing in our office.
4. If we are not able to improve it , we would like your help to improve the antenna
Also we want to go for piot run we need 400 SRCW004.   Do you have any preferred source to buy OR can we buy in digikey or mouser.
Thanks and regards

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Hi Ashwath,

What is the overall size of the PCB the antennas are installed on?  We recommend a minimum of 30mm by 30mm board size.

The antenna require the proper trace routing and matching network. If these are not laid out properly the antenna will have poor performance.
Please contact to share images of your device and arrange to have a more in depth conversation about tuning the antennas.

Digikey has 11K units in stock right now so you can order as many as you need.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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