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M10578-A3 Active Antenna, or no?
Hi, Just an update on my initial post below. I ordered and checked out the evaluation kit and found the manual for that.

Page 12 shows a schematic. It's pretty involved and not sure what parts of it I need to operate my module as described. Do you have a hardware designer's guide that would help out with this?
If I am using the SRFG017 with the U.FL, could you provide a connection diagram that describes what I need to connect it up to the module?



With respect to this development kit: M10578-A3-U1
It contains what is indicated as an “active antenna port” on the PCB besides an external port. I assume that means it will supply 3V3 to an external antenna that contains an LNA/B circuit. Yet, documentation does not show this in the schematic. I’m curious about how that part of the circuit is connected.

In my application, I’m not using an active device, just the SRFG017 patch with a U.FL connector.

Do I connect the U.FL straightaway, or does it require a DC blocking cap...or?


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HI Gary,

Please contact and we will send you the guides you are looking for.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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