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Recommendations to integrate GPS antenna on SR4L002 evaluation board for grade level installation?
How would you integrate a GPS antenna on SR4L002 evaluation board for installation at grade level? Clear view of sky in long direction of evaluation board but minimal clearance to earth relative to short dimension. Evaluation board width restricted to 40mm.

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Hi Dan,

If the you are saying that the long edge of the PCB (125mm long edge facing the sky) our best GPS antenna to use would be the Sinica placed in the center of the long edge.  I would be concerned about the performance of the Lucida since it would be near the earth.

If you are saying that the board would have only the 40mm short side of the evaluation board facing the sky then I would first recommend the Bentoni FPC placed on the inside of the tube that your board will be housed in before being placed in the ground. My second choice would be to place the Beltii SMD antenna on the opposite side of the Lucida antenna below the Lucida but due to the 40mm edge length and close proximity to the earth there would be some performance degradation.

If you are interested in having some prototypes tested please contact our sales staff at

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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Does this image represent your suggestion using Beltii?  40mm edge is facing sky. Do you have any Beltii data when mounted on 40mm edge? 

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Hi Dan,

Yes, that is the correct depiction.

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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Hi Geoff,

If so, do you mean "A" structure is better than "B"? 

Best Regards

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Hi JL,

Figure A is accurate.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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