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Clarification letter

Dear Antenova team:

A pleasure to greet you. You are greeted by Milagros Arcos, a member of the qAIRa team. The reason for the email is to tell you that a few weeks ago we made a purchase at Digikey Electronics that included one of your antennas (invoice attachment, item # 2). When the order arrived in Peru, a permit was requested from the Ministry of Transportation to complete the import, within this form they requested the model and brand to which we, according to the invoice, put that the model was SRFC011-100. However, when opening the customs package, it tells us that our permission is wrongly requested since the code SRFC011 (without the -100) appears on the packaging, for which we request a letter clarifying said confusion and in this way we can complete our management .

We look forward to your prompt reply. 

Thank you.

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Hello Milagros,

The part number for the antenna without the coax cable is SRFC011. The dash 100 is for the cable length and varies per length of coax requested. It would be too costly to print the cable length on every antenna since many different lengths can be ordered. Let me know if this is the information the customs agent is looking for.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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