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Matching circuit problem

I am planning to buy one of the antennas(SR04C33-R) that you produce. The thing is I would like to know it's impendence at the working bandwidth. It is saying that the impedence of the antenna is 50ohms when matched but I am wondering what is the input impedence of the antenna at 800MHz (let say 50+j20, 50-j20, etc.). Besides, in the datasheet there is a circuit that 2 components' values are given. Does this mean that at 800MHz it is matched to 50 ohm real impedence and according to the stubs that we will add we need to add the rest of the values in the circuit.
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Hello Ozeradem,

The impedance of this antenna is 50 ohms. The bandwidth depends on the band you are tuning for since the antenna can be tuned for operation in two different bands individually depending on the component value of the band select component (L3) in the data sheet.  Only one of the bands (B20) covers 800MHz when all of the other matching components are used so yes, you will need to include all of the rest of the recommended matching components in the data sheet in order to get the antenna to resonate at 50 ohms real impedance.

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Geoff S.

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