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SR4L034-R placement (ground needed below)


I am starting a new design and would like some assessment from your side.

See below my intended ground plane and antenna (SR4L034-R) placement. Note there is no graound plane below the right side of the antenna. ┬┐Is this better or worse for the antenna performance?

Regards, Ramon.

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Hi Jr. Hernandez,

The open ground plane opening as you have shown on your device will severely affect the radiated performance our the antenna. If there are ground layers underneath the open area shown on your layout you could stich them together and the antenna will work but, if all layers are cleared of ground in the black square in the center of the board our antenna will not operate as it was design to. Is there any height above the PCB to place a flexible printed antenna with a cable?

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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