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M20057-1 Interface with Quectel L76
Hello, I'm working to migrate an externally based antenna solution which connects to my PCA via SMA with an SMT antenna/front-end module.  I'm looking at the M20057-1 to interface with the Quectel L76L-M33.  I wanted to inquire to see if your engineers knew of any reason why this configuration would not work.

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Hi ABierman,

This configuration will work so long as the board the antenna is soldered to is a minimum of 40mm x 40mm. To achieve optimum antenna performance we recommend the PCB size be 80mm x 30mm.

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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The board is much larger than 40mm x 40mm, there is a lot of other circuitry on the board with the antenna however and we gave it all the room and surrounding ground we were able.  I have included an image of the gerbers, this is a 6 layer board, nothing underneath the antenna itself, the pours are all ground and stitched together. Is there anything in our layout that jumps out as a definite problem?

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Hi Abierman,

Your layout looks like it should work well. It is a little hard to see which way the feed trace leaves the antenna. Can you share a close up of the feed trace?

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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