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Updating PCB from M10478 to M20048

To update our existing PCB to the M20048 here is what I believe needs to be done. It interfaces to a micro running at 3V3

  1. Run supply directly off the micro rail (which is coming off a switcher supply). Could there be issues with noise?
  2. Tuning pins 1 and 28 must be disconnected from 0V and connected to 0V via suitable resistor, cap etc
  3. VBCK needs to be connected to 1.8V
  4. ANT_OUT needs to be connected to ANT_IN via a capacitor.
Is there anything else I may have missed?
kind regards

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Hello Hazeman,

The M20048 is not the direct replacement for the M10478. The M20050 is the direct replacement. Our product website has detailed instructions on upgrading to the new Radionova module.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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