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868 MHz antenna in a 40x40 mm pcb

We are developing a device that uses comunication Sigfox.

Antenova Velox SR4I052 and Calvus A10340H are interesting to our application.

The pcb with radio module and antenna will be a pluggable module on another pcb.

This pcb needs to be small (40x40 mm).

Below is an image of how it would look. 

The question is, could your antennas be used on a pcb of these dimensions?

Do you have another antenna that you think should be better?

At the moment we have a device shown in the image below, so we would like the new device to perform a little better

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Hi Diogo,

Your board size is too small for the Velox to operate properly. Velox requires 9mm of open board with no copper reducing the electrical length of the 40mm board to 31mm. For the Velox to operate properly the electrical board length needs to be at least 80mm. The shorter your PCB electrical length is will directly affect your signal range.
You mentioned that this radio PCA attaches to another board. If that board is directly below this radio PCA the Velox performance will further be reduced. The Radio PCA would need to be at least 15mm above the other PCBs in your device and have more than 3 ground pins or wires going between the radio PCA and your other PCBs. If the total of the two boards gets close to 80mm you may be able to get sufficient antenna performance.

Our Calvus antenna requires an even longer radio PCA.

Our sales representatives would be happy to help with the integration of our antennas into your project in finer detail if you would like to contact them.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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