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SR4G008 radiation pattern


I am trying to understand the radiation parttern of the GNSS antenna SR4G008 but I am confused when having a look at the datasheet:

Seeing it as a diople, it seems the dipole has the Z axis direction, which it is hard to understand seeing the antenna orientation.

Could you confirm the radition pattern in the datasheet is ok?

If not so, could you explain the reason for these radiation pattern?

Regards, Ramon.

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Hi Jr, Hernandez,

Yes, the radiation pattern is correct. The reason it looks similar to a dipole is because it excites the same electrical modes along the long edge of the PCB. The dimple in the 2D XZ plots is seen in the 3D plot coming off the face of the antenna towards the SMA connector so the 2D plots are with the antenna at 180 degrees instead of 0.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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