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Beltii & Sinica can be enable as an active antennas
I´m looking for GPS antenna for a samll sizes. The Beltii & Sinica antennas is the most siutable for my solution, but in datahseet is not mensionet directly taht this antenas support as an active antennas, in datasheet is mentiones that "Any other parts of the RF system like transceivers, power amplifiers, etc, should also be designed to have an impedance of 50 Ω"

It's possible to use those antennas (Beltii & Sinica) as active antennas?

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Hi Isaac,

How about using BGA524N6 or similar as LNA, possibly also together with a SAW filter?

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Göran Nordahl
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Hi Issac,
you can turn any passive antenna into an active antenna. A passive antenna receives the signal and transmits the signal to the following amplifier. It often does not make sense to bring the impedance of the antenna from X to 50 ohms and then to change the impedance of the amplifier from Y to 50 ohms. I would adjust the impedance X of the antenna to the impedance Y of the amplifier. This avoids unnecessary losses. The output impedance of the amplifier must then be 50 ohm, because the input impedance of the following receiver is 50 ohm.
To adapt the impedance of a two-pole (antenna) to the impedance of a four-pole (LNA) and then again to the impedance of the two-pole (receiver) requires a lot of experience.
I recommend you to contact an experienced developer in the field of high-frequency technology.
You are welcome to send me an e-mail: Harald.Naumann (a)

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