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How to approach tuning the T1 pin of a SR4L049-R with a VNA?


I am in the process of tuning a SR4L049-R. (still in the learning curve).  I did some measurements with a VNA and exported to Atyune. Experimenting with component values and topologies in Atyune give me some nice starting points. 

Question, when do I start including the T1 pin in the matching proces? I don't know how it fits within the matching topology of the antenna path. 

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Hello EH,

The T1 pin is like the return to ground for a PIFA or IFA antenna.  It mostly affects the resonance of the low band. the data sheet says to start with a 3.3nH inductor but I have also seen capacitors used as well. Set the T1 indictor first then start tuning the other components. You are looking to be close to the resonance of the low band in the data sheet then use the antenna feed matching components to make the low band resonance more broadband.

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Geoff S.

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