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need help on M20057 GPS antenna inductor values

We  have used your M20057 Active antenna for GPS in a upcoming large scale product. we don't find any help or reference about how to choose the resistance AT1 & inductor L for AT2 . anyway for AT1 we short it with 0 ohm resistance to ground. but for AT2 inductor, its mentioned as TBD, please suggest us a reference value to start with, we use double sided Fr4 PCB 1.6mm and entire PCb size is around 30mmx50mm, with some other LTE & BLE modules.

we need help on this,urgently.Thank you

with regards,

Dr.N.Chandra Sekhar,,phd

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Hello Chandra,

A good starting value for AT2 would be a 1.8nH inductor. AT1 short remain a 0 ohm resistor. PLease be sure to follow the suggested clearanced area around antenna the end of the module where the two antenna matching components are placed.

You can lift the capacitor between pins 4 and 6 then place a semi-rigid coax on pin 4 to measure the return loss of the antenna and tune AT2 until you are resonating at 1575MHz

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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