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Antenna Placement Review
We are using two antenna with part number SR4L049-R and SR4L049-L. The datasheet show an example of placement of these antenna on PCB, which seems like both antennas are placed on the edge of PCB board.

In our design we have some filleted corner, so these antennas are not exactly on edge but slitly inside board outline

Please send me your email address so that i can share antenna placement on our PCB board.


Abdul Hafeez

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Hello Haphez,

You can send you design files to I will answer your question for you there as well as here. Our designs will work on a filleted corner by placing the antenna along the top edge (long edge of the antenna) and sliding it in away from the filleted corner. The lower portion of the 14.5mm clear out area will be slightly longer but it will not affect the performance of the antenna.

Best regards,

Geoff S.

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