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How M20057-EVB-1 board works?

Is this is a complete test board?

Is this has any active components in it?

Please explain the Detailed functionality and the end use of this part?

It's Need Computer/External software to test Antenna?

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Hello Prabakaran,

This is a GNSS antenna with an amplifier and SAW filter attached to the antenna. It has a USB power circuit to supply power to the amplifier and an SMA connector to feed the amplified signal to your GNSS receiver.
It does have an active LNA on the antenna PCB which is soldered to the EVB.

The EVB is designed to allow you to determine if adding our M20057 antenna LNA combo to your device will help your design receive the GNSS signal and increase the Time To First Fix (TTFF) and accuracy is what you would like it to be.

Because this is not a full GNSS receive it only amplifies the received GNSS signal. We have the M10578-A3 GNSS full receiver if you need to have an antenna radio combo. The M10578-A3 comes with software that you load to your devices RAM that controls the radio and gives your device satellite locations. The EVB comes with a USB thumb drive that you can load to your computer to receive GNSS satellite location.

Best regards,

Geoff Schulteis

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