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SR4L049-R model
Could you provide some more specification for your antenna? Best solution would be a 3D model (encrypted CST model could be a solution). I need to fit the antenna to really small pcb (approx 45*35mm) with a little clearance. I am iterested in proper matching and efficiency of the antena. The band of interest is GPS L1 (1.6 GHz).

Thank you.

Vojtech Jenik

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Hello Jenik,

The antenna you mentioned is not designed to operate in the L1 (1.6GHz) range. In fact between 1.6GHz and 1.7GHz the antenna efficiency drops off pretty fast. Add to that a smaller ground plan as you mentioned and it would not perform adequately for your GPS receiver to obtain a fix.
Our Raptor (SR4G053) antenna was design to operate at the L1 frequency and is a smaller form factor than the Integra (SR4L049).

If you reply with your email address I can send you the 3D file you are requesting.

Best regards,

Geoff S

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