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Matching SR4L002 Antenne
Hello Antenova team,

I'm currently making the adjustment for the SR4L002 antenna. With the main matching network everything is understandable so far. My question refers to the GNS connection: Pin 4 (Return/GND) is connected via a coil, which is also called tune element. Does it always have to be a coil or can capacitors be used at this point?

best regards.

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Hi Paul,

I have used a 22pF capacitor with good results. It does not have to be an inductor. The remaining matching components on the antenna feed trace will need to be adjusted slightly to compensate for this change.

Best regards,

Geoff S.
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Hello Geoff,

thanks for the feedback. I am already using different values for GND tuning element and the results look good.

Best regards

Paul Konschin

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Hi Paul, a picture can tell more than 1000 words. See you soon in Aachen or at next LPWAN Seminar.

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Hello Harald,

thanks for the feedback. This is very helpfull.

Best regards

Paul Konschin

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